Bite-sized lessons delivered to your phone

Lessons on Learnup are nothing like boring, lenghty lectures. Instead, you get to be tutored by an AI-powered bot, at your learning pace.

Learn Faster and Remember Longer

Learnup combines a number of practices to deliver the most effective learning experience with highly-focused bursts and spaced intervals

Intelligent chatbot

Our AI-powered chatbot has a few tricks up it's sleeve to make sure the information gets through

Daily doses of knowledge

We make sure you are always engaged in conversation in the age of ever-shortening attention spans

Learn at the right moment

Get into the habit of learning by studying in focused bursts. Our method will help you take breaks and return when you're most likely to learn.

Expert about a topic? Spread the knowledge.

Life isn't only about learning lessons. It's about teaching them too. If you feel you are qualified to create a course on a specific subject, contact us below.

  • Pick a course topic, create a course outline along with a learning objective.
  • Apply to us!
  • Once approved by the Learnup team, prepare the dialogue with your friendly wording and funny visuals.